Sunday, January 10, 2010

My List of Stress Reducers

There is no cure for folks who live with CIS (or MS for that matter) and one of the best things I can do to feel better, aside from taking drugs, is manage my stress.  I’ve been thinking about stress all week particularly because I have a demanding and exhausting job.

So, here is my list of stress relievers: 
  • Quit my job.  This is nice in theory but leaving the workforce is not an option.  I have responsibilities and I am not a self-made millionaire.  Instead, I will begin figuring out the color my parachute in the hopes of making my heart flutter. 
  • Exercise.  This causes me stress.  And, this is problematic.  When I go walking, my nerves get very active.  From the bottoms of my feet up through my hips, everything tingles after just one lap around my office building.  So now I get anxious when I think about exercise.  I don’t want my whole body to electrify.  Yet, physical activity is very important for people with neurological diseases.  
  • That being said, I think yoga will help.  This will be an excellent way to manage the disease.  My sister is nudging me, reminding me how important this is and to get in a class right away. Om. Breathe. Meditation. I like the sound of this. 
  • Acupuncture.  Balancing the flow of energy through the pathways of my body.  This is very appealing to me.   According to the theories of Chinese medicine, disease results from the imbalance of energy flow so I am ready to take on those little needles and balance my Chi.  
  • Finally, remove the assholes.  I deal with insensitive people all the time at the office and am now armed with the book, “The No Asshole Rule” so I will figure out how to survive the damage caused by these jerks.  In turn, my stress levels will decrease and I will be happier.  

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