Monday, May 31, 2010

Shots - Don't They Hurt?

As we studied my new scan, the doc pointed out the new lesion on my brain.  I saw it and thought, “that’s a nicely shaped circle and I think MRI’s are very cool.  And, look how big my brain is”! 

“You have MS”, the doc said.  


Within seconds we started talking about treatment, to slow down the progression of this disease.  What we really started talking about were shots. And, he threw a lot information at me that I couldn’t catch:  Interferon Beta-1b, glatiramer acetate injection, synthetic proteins, side effects, thinnest needle, Copaxone, Betaseron, subcutaneous injection, flu-like symptoms, depression, injection sites, monitoring of liver function, blood counts. I essentially have two to choose from and it is up to me to decide what I’m willing to put up with. 


I don’t want to take shots. 

Don’t they hurt? 

So, how do I do this?  Is someone coming to my house every day to give me a shot?  Fat chance.  I have to do this myself.  Oh boy.  That’s a bit scary.  What if I miss?  And, tons of blood starts oozing out of the injection site?  How much is this going to hurt?  Are the neighbors going to call the police when I scream bloody murder during the injection?  And, what’s up with the flu-like symptoms if I choose Betaseron?  Am I going to be sneezing, coughing, and sniffing at the office all day?  That could get annoying and will require a lot of tissues!  And, if I choose Copaxone, how will I deal with the daily reminder that I have MS? 

These are not very nice choices. 

I would like to see your other menu please.


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