Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Webinar Series by Can Do MS

This past week, I attended one of six webinars hosted by Can Do MS.   I enjoyed Dr. Randy Schapiro's  "Emerging Therapies: Understanding MS Research" while relaxing in my local coffee shop and learned a lot about what it takes for a drug to get to market and how important proper clinical trials are.  Dr. Schapiro has a great perspective on Tysabri, FTY720, Vitamin D, and CCSVI therapies (amongst others) and if you'd like to watch the webinar, Can Do MS has it archived on their website.  The coolest part?  Dr. Schapiro co-authored the "Neurology" chapter of "MS: The Questions You Have, the Answers You Need" with my very own neurologist!!!  Way cool.

Click here to learn more about the webinars! 

Hope to see you there!


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