Sunday, August 22, 2010

Upcoming Webinar: Excercise and MS

This webinar series is great.  I've attended two already, sneaking away from the office early to attend the 5PM sessions in my local coffee shop, and have really gotten a lot out of them.  I found them to be perfect for newly diagnosed MS-ers.  The last one, "Practical Spirituality" with Lisa Redfearn was a great reminder for me to love, laugh, let go and live.  This is important.  

It looks like the next one is about MS and exercise and is scheduled for September 14, 2010.  Be sure to sign up today!  And, encourage your supporter partners to attend too.  

Click here to sign up for the FREE webinar:  Can Do MS Webinar Series.  You'll find archived webinars here as well.  


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