Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lobster Arms, Food Trailers and My New Theme Song

Greetings Earthlings.

I hope this post finds that you are all doing well out there on our lovely planet, wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing.  Me? I am doing super swell.  I'm on my way to Texas to congratulate my nephew on his graduation.  Very excited to spend time with the family. Yee-Haw!

Meanwhile, back in sunny San Diego, my life with MS continues.  I am getting on my bicycle as often as I can, whenever my abled body allows me. Love the wind in my hair, not loving the head winds that make the ride a complete struggle! Ugh. I need some rockets on my pedals.

Here’s what’s kept me entertained these last few weeks and things that are on my cluttered mind. Yes, I am entirely too lazy to write something longer so I choose to write in bullets. They are very effective in organizing my running-around-like-a-crazy-person scattered thoughts. Cheers to compartmentalization in the form of a bulleted list!

  • Lobster Arms. This is what happens when you go for a bike ride and forget to put on sunblock. I look ridiculous and am now sporting a nice T-shirt tan. Yes!
  •  The spinning hasn’t stopped and reminds me now of the song, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”. I’ve declared this my new theme song to celebrate the vertigo. Round, round, round, round. I sang this the other day as I walked down an aisle at the office, dragging my hand along the gray felted cube walls to keep me on the straight and narrow all while hoping that none of my co-workers pass me so I don’t have to try my mightiest to convince someone that I have not had a morning cocktail. Round, round, round, round.
  • Can’t wait to check out the Austin Food Trailers and meet up with fellow MSer McCall T. We are going to hang out and chat over some crepes. Oui! Oui!
  • Another infusion without incident. I had my second dose of Tysabri last week and I’ve got nothing to report because nothing really happened. Well, except for the flow of the big T and that minor heart palpation. That’s pretty major I suppose.
  • Old age or an MS symptom I really need to start stressing about? You tell me. Here’s what went down: I went out to dinner last weekend and ordered what I thought was a Cesar salad with shrimp. I said it out loud while reading the menu. Cesar salad with shrimp please. Our server was not on the same page.  She brought out this said salad with salmon. I never order salmon. Ever. My sweetie told me I ordered salmon. My parents told me I ordered salmon. Impossible. I swear it was shrimp. It was rather delicious but that’s beside the point. I ordered shrimp. And, of course whirls of thoughts enter my MS brain. What if I mix up my words all the time and I’m not aware of it? Doing this at work could be problematic. Seriously. I can see it now. “Sales are up 7%!” When in fact sales are down 7%...
  • The heat and humidity of Texas is on my mind and I’m anxious about it. They have AC in Texas, right? My sister-in-law is getting misters for my nephews graduation party. Suh-weet. I shall relax in the midst of spraying water while guarding my hearing aids with the umbrella of my hands and sipping iced water no, let’s make that an iced vodka drink, through a straw because my hands will be busy protecting my hearing aids. As long as I stay cool, that is all that matters. Whatever it takes.
  • Bam! That is the sound of me hitting a majorly big brick wall. Or, commonly known as MS fatigue. Totally knocked me out and I was confined to a full day of rest. Poo.

I hope you are more settled than me at the moment. How are y’all out there?  

Ciao for now from deep in the heart of Texas.


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