Saturday, December 15, 2012

The special powers of yellow mustard

I fight nausea all the time. It’s sometimes a precursor for the vertigo that I deal with every so often. It can last a few minutes or a few hours (the nausea, not the vertigo! Having vertigo for several hours would really complicate things and, not to mention, be utterly exhausting).

My sweetie takes very good care of me and recently sent me to work with a bag filled with two things: crackers and yellow mustard. Why? Eating generous amounts of yellow mustard eases nausea. Who knew? Apparently sailors and pregnant women.
Eat mustard to ease nausea

I learned of mustard’s special powers the last time I had a long bout of nausea. It was recommended to me that I spread a ton of the yellow stuff on bread and gobble it up. And gobble it up I did! Within a few moments, the nausea eased.

Now if only I had a small jar of mustard in my cycling jersey when I got hit with nausea the time before that, while out on a ride. Uber annoying! Nausea and riding your bike at ferocious speeds do not mix.

There’s no real evidence to prove that mustard is a true cure for nausea but it seems to work for me.  That’s evidence enough.


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