Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspiration from a glass artist

I recently learned of the very talented glass artist, Veronica Wilson. She is an amazing woman who has been making beautiful artwork for 12 years and happens to live with MS. After watching this video, I am more determined than ever to not let MS get in the way of doing things I love: photography, travel, writing, drawing, riding my bicycle. 

I hope you, too, get the same inspiration.



  1. Very inspirational! My husband helps with positioning me so I can do the photography we have always done together from car windows or my wheelchair.

    I switched from traditional scrapbooking to digital part because I have a background professionally that includes digital arts but a big part because my hands had gotten to where I had trouble writing legibly or even cutting paper. M scrapbook pages look even better now in printed books that the "old school" ones I used to do.

    MS has meant that I find new ways to do the things I love and sometimes, they are even better than they were before!

    1. Hey Nani. I, too, love to take pictures and make collage-type creations in my travel journals. I would love to see your work, especially the photography from the window and chair. Do you have a site I can check out? Hope you're well and keep snapping! Best, Christie


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