Saturday, June 28, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why MS SoftServe Rocks

Coming soon to a computer near you - MS SoftServe! In the event that you haven’t heard about the amazing work my buddy Amy Gurowitz is doing, here goes. Amy is running things over at and you’ll really be impressed. This will be the first website of its kind. Unlike any existing site with information, this site will be a completely customizable- individualized space for people to learn what they want, when they want about their unique version of Multiple Sclerosis.

Without further ado…

Here are the top 5 reasons why MS SoftServe rocks:
  1. MS SoftServe will empower. After all, its main mission is to enable MSers to …”successfully cope with their disease through customized, online, active learning on a special website that meets their unique needs for learning.”
  2. MS SoftServe will allow folks to share. The site will serve as a space for MSers to teach others about their version of MS without unnecessary information. This is key, right? Since all of us MSers live with a varying version of MS.
  3. MS SoftServe is led by an amazing woman. Amy’s nature is to educate, soothe and speak to MSers with a compassionate voice, sprinkled with a bit of humor. She works tirelessly at MS SoftServe, to make life easier for those of us living with Multiple Sclerosis.
  4. MS SoftServe benefits from an esteemed Board of Directors. The Board is a group of doctors, bloggers, writers, web designers, software developers, educators, filmmakers, social workers and radio show hosts... All of whom care about, care for or are people living with MS.  Did you know that actor Robbie Benson is on the Board? Pretty cool.
  5. MS SoftServe will ultimately change how we learn about health on the web. We believe it will become a trusted resource for MSers. ‘Nuff said.

I’m on the Board of Directors for and you can imagine that we are all super excited to be a part of this landmark website. So, please join me in supporting MS SoftServe. Donate, Volunteer and/or Spread the word (here).

Oh, and do check out all of the videos – they’re very well done and you’ll meet everyone involved in this uber important project. 

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