Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Inspires You?

What inspires you to smile?
What inspires you to thrive?
What inspires you to cope?
What inspires you to laugh?
What inspires you to continue?
What inspires you to exercise?
What inspires you to hope?
What inspires you to simply survive?


  1. Here's what inspires me.....

  2. Moment to moment, the answers to your questions may differ. What remains constant is my intention. As I said in one of my poems:

    Full recovery.
    That will be my intention
    until my last breath.

    I don’t want to hear
    the odds are impossible.
    I aim to beat them.

    One thing I do know.
    Giving up beforehand means
    guaranteed defeat.


  3. Karen, last week I read about Susan and it's wonderful that she remains such a strong force in your life. I was touched by your post and am truly sorry for your loss. Best, Christie

  4. Judy, I agree. For me, too, the source of inspiration changes. I really like your poem! Cheers to full recovery! Best, Christie


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