Monday, November 5, 2012

Team Luca Survives Debut at Bike MS

Yes, yes. I realize that pre-October 21 2012 I was extremely hyperactive with my Twitter posts asking for donations and generating excitement about the big MS Bike event. And then I dropped off the face of the earth. That’s what happens when you sprain your ankle and then head off on a European vacation. Geez.

Here are some snaps of the ride taken with my phone. No, no. No photography while I rode my bike. Good grief. I already had to contend with a sprained ankle.  Yep. I hurt my ankle the day of the ride, just minutes before we started!  Walking around in bike cleats on mossy wet sidewalks proved to be very dangerous for this MSer! Determined not to let it get me down while sprawled on the ground, I got up, hobbled to my bike, clipped into my pedals (OW!) and rode away with Team Luca.  For 30 miles.

I only fell once. 


Luca the Sock Monkey excited for BikeMS !

Pre Race Day preparations

Bright and early! Good morning Team Luca!

Team Luca lining up!

Sister Power!


I call it "Orange Tutu with Palm Trees"

Team Luca snacks at rest stop

Team Luca exhausted at finish line!

She rode 30 miles on a sprained ankle?! What?!

Getting wrapped !

Team Luca portrait (pre ankle incident)

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