Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Coming Soon! True Champions video story

I recently had the pleasure, no wait…make that honor, of working with one of the fab crews over at HealthiNation, an online health video network. The team is producing a bunch of video feature stories, including some about MSers, as part of their “True Champions” series. The videos highlight folks advocating awareness of specific health conditions.

A producer, camera operator and sound tech hung out with us in sunny San Diego to shoot interviews, capture Team Luca riding and enjoying life in our neighborhood. Essentially, the whole point of the matter was to reflect that I am able to live a full life, one that is not defined by Multiple Sclerosis.

What an amazing experience! First, the crew was incredible and so very professional and mindful. My new pals were considerate of my energy, comfort and time as we created the material, frequently checking in with me to see if I needed water or just a break. And while I did wake up that morning battling fatigue, I informed the crew that I was okay because, as I shamelessly pointed out, “I’m on drugs. No, wait, as prescribed by my doctor. For fatigue, it’s nothing to worry about...I’m just a little amped up”. Yes, needless to say, I was pretty excited about participating in this project.

The day consisted of interviews and shots that highlighted my diagnosis, life with MS and My MS Manifesto. I tried to give Dr. Julie some serious cred here, as she is my inspiration, but found myself mispronouncing her last name. Nonetheless, we talked about the list of things I hope to do while living with MS, including laughing-laughing-laughing, jumping off the Stratosphere, riding my bicycle and working to lift up the MS community.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away because the video won’t be released until January but I will say it was a blast! At some point the camera operator was hanging out of the car window, armed with his camera, shooting Team Luca riding, yelling “Yeah! This is awesome!” So, stay tuned my friends.

Team Luca! Photo courtesy of HealthiNation
Oh, and the bonus? Even though I was battling fatigue all-day and endured some pain my leg, I got the chance to ride my bike. Yet another reminder that, when I ride, I am full of joy and bliss and forget that I am a person living with MS, if even for a few moments.

Best always,


  1. Great! Best wishes, merry Christmas!

    1. Thx Mary! Best wishes to you too and Happy New Year. May 2014 bring all that you dream.


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