Monday, November 15, 2010

That Red Circle was Exhausting!

I had a follow up visual evoked potential test (VEP) on Friday, to check my left eye that’s been weird since June.  You know the test, right?  They taped a bunch of electrodes on my head and ear, made me wear a black patch (ay, ay matey) and stare at a computer screen with a checkerboard pattern and a red circle smack in the middle? Yep, that’s the one and it was impossible to stay focused on staring at the red circle, especially with the checkerboard pattern moving!  At one point, a few minutes into the test, my mind wandered, “did I lock the car?  Yes. Yes, I did. Besides, there’s nothing in that old car that someone would want to take. Oh crap! The hospital parking lot does not accept ATM/credit cards and I have no cash on me. Did I bring along my checkbook? I sure hope so otherwise I’ll be stuck at the hospital for a while and I will miss my 12:30 meeting.  That’s alright, I don’t want to attend that meeting. Who schedules a 12:30 meeting anyway and when am I supposed to eat my lunch? Oh dear. Am I still looking at the red circle”? And this made me wonder, “how did my test go with all of this interference”?  Exhausted I was.  

Just Keep Looking at the Red Circle

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yoseteme or Yosemite?

I've always had trouble saying the word "Yosemite" correctly for reasons I do not know. Blame MS? I can't. I've been mispronouncing the word for years. Blame my hearing impairment?  Maybe.  No matter.  I have a long history of mispronouncing words and it has turned into a source of amusement for me, my family and friends. 

This snippet was recorded at the kitchen table one afternoon as I was being coached by my dear loved ones with the word "Yosemite". It's mainly a bunch of laughter and silliness and that's good I think.  Enjoy and don't forget to laugh today!  

  Yosemite by cgermans

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