MS Circles & Friends

There are so many amazing people out there in the MS blog-o-sphere. Below is a list of some places where you can find some great information, support, and the occasional hug:

This is a great community so be sure to check it out. You'll find great info, great support and great people in this space. Plus, I’m a featured patient advocate!

MS World.Org
Great community really working hard to provide information on life with MS, with a strong focus on "Patients Helping Patients". Do check it out, you'll be glad you did.

The National MS Society (NMMS)

Great stop to find out all that you need to about Multiple Sclerosis. The NMMS has great resources, information, news and programs for those of us living with MS.


Be sure to check out the MS Center on Healthline - it's loaded with great information about MS.


From time to time I collaborate with others, to share stories and experiences about life with Multiple Sclerosis. Here’s a list of where you can find some other projects:

The Lesion Journals is part of the community on Top and Derby's site
My buddies over at Top and Derby make gorgeous, designed inspired canes. They've started a community page featuring explorers who are doing great things to increase awareness about a variety of things, including Multiple Sclerosis. You can read more (here).

The Lesion Journals on You Tube
Launched with "You've Got This" in collaboration with the fine folks over at Healthline, I started a You Tube channel. Be sure to stop by often (here).

The Lesion Journal's digital stamp in Erik Qualman's latest book

Erik is a great guy and really does a great job in teaching digital leadership. His latest book, "What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube!" is another great one, focusing on being responsible in the digital world and protecting your reputation.
check out my name, right next to Magic!

The Lesion Journals featured as True Champion on

I had the honor of working with a production crew at for their True Champion series. I was interviewed and spoke a lot about My MS Manifesto. Check out my appearance here.
Blogging, biking and raising
awareness over at HealthiNation

The Lesion Journals featured in Something On Our Minds Volume 2
Great collection of prose and poetry by people living with MS, their caregivers, and relations. The best part? 100% of proceeds goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Get your copy today here.

The Lesion Journals in Woman’s Day Magazine
In the April 2012 issue of the magazine, I wrote about my experience in finally getting the blue disabled parking placard. Woman's Day article, April 2012
Photo by: John Dolan/Woman's Day

The Lesion Journals featured in Life in Action
Check out my article featured in the 2013 July-August edition of "Life in Action". I wrote up a piece in the MS Perspective section on "A Weight Loss Obsession".

The Lesion Journals on Vimeo.
Featuring a brief video, highlighting my first date with Tysabri.

The Lesion Journals on Wego Health Network
Another great team working hard on patient advocacy. Be sure to check out the video I made with my good friend Mel. How to stay positive with MS

The Lesion Journals on Sound Cloud

I love making recordings and once in a while feature sound bytes on this site.

The Lesion Journals appears on mslolradio
A couple of years ago my buddy Amy invited me to her then radio show about living with MS. Check out this radio appearance as we chat about finding the funny while living with MS. mslolradio

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