Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gossip from the Peloton

Well, all right. Our peloton may only have two riders but we’ve got a lot to say!

First things first. Thanks so much for your support thus far! We have some very thoughtful friends and family out there and we are so grateful for your donations to the National MS Society. Thank you!

Have y’all heard of Phil from the Amazing Race? He is one of our inspirations for doing the Bike MS. I tweeted about Team Luca’s debut and Phil re-tweeted the message! How freakin’ awesome is that?! He’s like my BFF now. Just sayin’. If you haven’t heard about his film “The Ride”, do check it out. It’s absolutely incredible. Back in 2009 Phil rode his bike across the country and raised $500,000 for the MS movement! "The Ride" is a documentary about his journey. 

In the meanwhile, I came across this video of a really fascinating product designed by two Swedish women, The Invisible Helmet. When you have 3 minutes to spare, check it out. As they say in their video clip, “cars are so yesterday”. It’s….interesting.

For those of you interested in joining Team Luca, we’re ready for ‘ya! You can sign up through this link. And, you’ve got options. 150 miles too much? You can always elect something less intense like 100, 30 or 15 miles. You can join Team Luca’s peloton along the route. There are some fees involved and here is some information.
  • The 15-mile ride has a $25.00 registration fee. Plus, you are required to raise $150.00. That’s easy!
  • The 30-mile ride has a $60.00 registration fee. You are required to raise $400.00. Again, that’s easy!
  • The larger rides (100, 150 miles) involve bus rides and all that. You can find more information here.
  • Can't ride and would like to make a donation? Click here to do so

And, just for fun. One of our fans (wink) shared this photo with us. It’s a bike shop in Germany. I don’t know where it is but sure do love this photo. There are lots of Oma bicycles hanging on this building! Smile. This brings up lots of memories of my Oma riding her bicycle in Holland, until she was in her early 80's!

That's it for now. We are busy riding our legs off in this fight against MS. Be sure to check back as I will post updates throughout our "training". 

Best always,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspired by Phil from the Amazing Race

Thanks for the mention Phil! 

Totally inspired by Phil from the Amazing Race, we just formed our debut cycling team, Team Luca, for the upcoming Bike MS Bay to Bay in Southern California! More details to come on our "training". In the meanwhile, if you'd like to join our team or make a donation, check out our page

Thanks for the mention on your Twitter page Phil! 

Be well everyone,


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