Sunday, August 28, 2011

Will my medication turn my hair green?

Me, grateful that my hair is not green
My hairdresser told me last night while I was getting my hair done that she thinks my medication has affected my hair color (yes, I dye my hair but I really like to think of it as an artful expression because I really only have chunky caramel highlights). This she told me as she peeked under the shiny foil folded in-between my hair follicles, the hair color burning my scalp. When I heard this I thought to myself, “Shit. Does that mean my hair is turning green? This will not bode well at the office on Monday. Who’s really going to take me seriously with my new look as I present to my VP the financial impacts of the latest company strategy? Will he focus on my bright green hair or on the ROI?” I had to ask, “My hair’s not turning green is it?” She calmed me and replied, “No, it’s just taking longer”. Well that was a relief to hear but begged the question, should I be more worried about my hair turning green or the fact that my cheeks turned lobster red from sitting under the dryers for too long? I think we MSers are not meant to be cooked quite like that. 

Best always,

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