Monday, January 31, 2011

What Gives You Hope?

Hope, for all of us, is out there. It is a matter of finding it. Some of us find hope in personal relationships, in the arts, in the MS community, in religion and/or on-line.

I find hope in the kindness of others and remembering to pay it forward.

Best always,


  1. First I had to think about what I most hope for---I agree with you, moments of kindness and courage from strangers fills me with hope that as a people we can make it, make the world better.

  2. I find hope in the amazing support from family and friends when you need it most!!

  3. amazingly my blog community gives me hope... encouragement... support...

    this amazes me because i have spent my life as a wall-flower, a hermit... a recluse... i'm happy like that... venturing out into the world creates such an unsettling feeling in me... not to the point of phobia... i just prefer my quiet little world, my little sanctuary...

    and since my blog has acquired readers (which still surprises me to this day) i have found such hope, kindness, support... and way to venture out into the world and remain in my sanctuary ha!

    i find most hope from my family, my ol' goat, my faith... and my self... inner hope...

  4. I completely agree that the ms blog community has been amazing. In this world we discover the kindness of others, which fills me with hope for sure. Thanks for the comments everyone!


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