Monday, June 27, 2011

How do you cope with fatigue?

I am not even sure how I deal with fatigue. At times, I don’t think I deal with it all except to lie down and rest. You know the feeling, right? It can feel as though we got knocked out from having walked into a brick wall. Sans bruises. No amount of caffeine in the world is enough to perk us up although I do try with triple skinny lattes.

I live with the added benefit of stressing that my fatigue is truly a time waster. My mind spins around and around, ultimately helping me reach the decision that fatigue = doing nothing…I feel lazy…I want to get out…do some gardening… I want to ride my bicycle… walk along the ocean…take some pictures…maybe make a painting…fat chance…too fatigued…I feel like an MS blob. Argh.

When I slow down to think about it, I know what is best. “Listen to your body”, my good friend Mel always reminds me. So I try to relax, grab my book and listen to the sound machine soothing me with ocean waves but the squawking seagulls I hear just brings me back to my circling neurosis, reminding me that I would much rather make a walk along the ocean. To hear the waves in person, live from beaches of sunny San Diego. I remind myself to work a little harder, continue reading and before I know it, I fall asleep.

So, my friends. How do you cope with fatigue? I would love to hear about your experiences and tips too!


  1. i just go with it now... I am tired but do stuff anyway or nap.... not fighting anymore...

  2. I try to stay cool, the heat and humidity are killers for me. I pace myself and alternate periods of rest with activity. I don't nap during the day, I find it really interferes with sleep at night. I exercise, nothing too strenuous. I practice yoga to help relieve stress. I try to eat a healthy diet(SWANK). I am not as fatigued as I once was. Dunno if that is because of the above, or just the natural course of this disease.

  3. I walked the hills of Seattle, drank Starbuck's 5x a day. Now...naps, exercise, naps, Starbuck's, naps...

  4. Great advice to stop the fatigue fight. Karen, I totally need to add yoga to my routine. I know it will help. Diane, nothing wrong with naps-n-coffee! Best all! Christie

  5. I don't have MS but DO suffer with my Epstein Barr so fatigue is something that I deal with often. I agree with Mel, "Listen to your body" and just stop. I find that if I try to watch something that makes me laugh not only gets my mind off of the fact that I'm tired, but lifts my spirits and changes my vibration too. And if I fall asleep, so be it, my body is needing it. What really makes you laugh? (and don't say me...;-)

  6. I give myself permission when I need to. It makes it a lot easier to swallow!

  7. I recently started experiencing fatigue even though I've been diagnosed with MS for years.
    I noticed I was getting overly tired, but never associated it with MS until one day, the light bulb came on!
    I have a family that depends on me to have dinner prepared when I get home from work, but lately, I've been going home, laying on the bed and they have no problem making sure I have my dinner! I appreciate them and the rest I've been getting lately!

  8. Hi Michon. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the fatigue is nutty. I, too, experienced it more intensely these last few months. Took me by surprise. Glad to hear your loved ones are taking such good care of you! Best, Christie

  9. So happy that I found you. I have not been diagnosed with MS yet. It is a waiting game for me. I had my first bout with optic neuritis in 2009 and my symptoms have really kicked into overdrive since then. Since 2012, I have been able to work because of the fatigue. I completely feel the same way in which you have stated. Too fatigued to do anything but my mind has other ideas. Thank you for your blog and when you get a minute, please check out mine. The blog has helped me so much. Take care!

    1. Hey Jennie. Yes, fatigue is the worst and can be so challenging to overcome. Hope that today it subsided a bit. Best, Christie


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