Tuesday, March 4, 2014

7 days of MS Awareness Week – Day 2

Special Report from Multiple Sclerosis.net

Source: www.multiplesclerosis.net
Report: http://multiplesclerosis.net/special-report-2014-oral-treatments-for-ms/

Our friends over at www.multiplesclerosis.net put together an incredible report, "Special Report: Oral Treatments for MS". It’s based on the recent MS in America 2014 survey completed by over 5,000 respondents.

Two things popped out to me as being pretty significant:
  1. Did you know that oral meds are used by nearly a 1/3 of MSers?
  2. Did you know that over 50% of people using injectable medications for MS are considering making the big switch to oral meds?

Why not take a few moments to check out their presentation? It's full of good information about the mindset of MSers and the decision to take new oral therapies to treat MS.



Click here to read the full report: Oral Treatments for MS
“Special Report: Oral Treatments for MS”, February 28, 2014, from MS in America 2014 survey, www.multiplesclerosis.net

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