Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Outside!

"Go Outside" by Christie Germans

This past Sunday was one of those days I could have easily stayed home all day, in my comfy clothes. My symptoms flared up, rewarding me with brain fog and wonky legs, making me feel tired. And, I had tons of projects I wanted to hang out in my home office to work on not the least of which was getting starting with on-line traffic school.  And, I’d been in my PJ’s since Saturday. There’s nothing wrong with that right? I had assured myself that I was perfectly content in never leaving the house. Until my sweetie encouraged me to make a walk along the beach in the afternoon, if I was up to it. Yes, I was, but said, “If we don’t leave now, I’ll never go”. I knew that I needed to get outside and I knew that I would love being outside.  I peeled off my cozy clothes and put on a fresh set and hopped in the car.
It was gorgeous down by the beach! Blue skies, sunny and mild; a perfect San Diego day. We took off our shoes and spread our toes in the sand. Ahhh! So nice. So relaxing. “This makes me so happy” I thought.  While we walked down the beach, my sweetie and I talked about how important we thought it was for MSers to get outside, to get some Vitamin D, to get some fresh air, to clear the head and move our bodies.  After all, some studies suggest that high doses of Vitamin D may help reduce relapse rate of Multiple Sclerosis, right? This was my daily dose.  The sunshine of San Diego.  Alright. I know what you’re thinking. It’s so easy for me.  I live in sunny San Diego and the weather down here is awesome. But, no matter. I used to live in the cold, cold weather of NY and little RI so I know it can be done! So, in honor of this gloomy month of February, let’s bundle up and go outside! Call a friend, grab your mittens, don’t forget the dog and breathe in some fresh air. 



  1. Nope, you can't make me go out! It's minus 25 here today, when I let the dog outside, his foot stuck to the ground! Now maybe if I lived in San Diego, I would go out, unless of course it was too hot, then my MS symptoms would flare! I'm glad you got out though, it really can make you feel better.

  2. sometimes it's so hard to get motivated to get the rump off the couch and go outside.... even when it's gorgeous outside, even when i'm feeling pretty okay... sometimes it's just easier to stay planted on the couch with all my stuff around me and recoop from the week's work junk....

    i'm glad you went out... and i must try to do the same more

  3. Umm, Karen? That's friggin' COLD! I won't make you go outside, I promise! And, Sherri, you're right, it can be hard to get motivated yet I have a feeling you'll be getting outside soon! :-)


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