Saturday, February 26, 2011

Staying in work with MS - Marlo Donato Parmelee

I just love Marlo! This is a great video she made on working with MS. As many MSers know, it can be challenging to "come out" at work. I have not told my employers that I was diagnosed with MS (unless, of course, someone at my office is reading this very post right now then the cat's out of the bag). Yet, if I watch this video over and over, I suspect I will find the courage to talk about my MS more freely at work. Marlo is super strong!  I am always so impressed with her strength and dubbed her one of my heros after reading her book "Awkward Bitch", in which she talks a lot about her experience with staying in work with MS. What a super hero!



  1. Great video. I worked for many years, with supportive employers, before I had to retire. Those do exist.


  2. Hi Judy! So glad to hear your employers were supportive! Hope all is well!


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