Saturday, November 5, 2011

Omhu. This is a totally rad walking stick!

I feel compelled to let you know about this great deal on a really groovy walking stick made by Omhu (Danish for “with great care”).

First, let me describe it a bit. This is not your ordinary cane. When I look at this walking stick, I see bicycles and Scandinavian furniture. And this is intentional. Omhu brings style and a bit of happiness to the walking stick, a nice departure from the usual medicinal looking ones. Rad, right? The wood is all natural and toxic free. The shaft is painted with American bicycle paint and there are six colors available. Mine is turquoise. And, when you lean it against the wall it doesn’t slip because of the grip strips in the handle. The tip has great traction because Omhu uses the same material used in high performance athletic shoes. It is simply really, really cool.
Non slip grip strips!
6 awesome colors available!
Great traction!
I got my Omhu walking stick at at $50 off! What a smokin’ deal. This is a great purchase for any MSer who wants to walk around with a bit of style. And, they have MS orange!

Now if only I can avoid getting my Omhu walking stick tangled in the legs of my loved ones as they walk beside me!

To buy your Omhu walking stick, go to 45 days left for the sale and there are only 9 left!

For more information on Omhu, check out their website.

Be well everyone.



  1. Cool. I love turquoise! Is it adjustable?

  2. Hey Karen. No, the walking sticks aren't adjustable but they do come in different sizes. The turquoise looks great! Hope all is well. Best, Christie

  3. Hi Christie:
    I'm the health director at Woman's Day magazine and would love to talk to you about a story ... Can you contact me at your earliest convenience?
    Best Wishes,
    Amy Brightfield

  4. Amy: it is nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. I will drop you a note soon. Thanks! Best, Christie

  5. Hi Christie,
    I'm so glad you like your Omhu walking stick! This is really why we made the company.
    To answer the question about sizing:
    We worked with a group of PTs to create 3 sizes that fits most people. But we do make custom sizes and you can order custom canes on our website


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