Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hup Holland! I just had to throw that out there as a daughter of Dutch parents. I also threw it out there because in Amsterdam, the ECTRMIS has started! This is the biggest MS research conference ever with 7,000 people in attendance. Our friends Julie Stachowiak and Kate Milliken are there and will be providing updates as the conference happens.  

I love this quote from Timothy Coetzee, PhD when Kate Milliken spoke with him the day before the conference. It sums up perfectly why it is so important that this event is happening:

“We know more now about MS than ever before and we can actually become more precise about how we treat MS so that we can specifically target the immune system, or perhaps think about repairing the nervous system and even take it to the next generation of stopping the disease forever”.  

Be sure to check the National MS Society blog page where the updates will be posted...[read more here].

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